Apple iPhone 5 Rumors Suggest Aluminum Back in Style

Apple’s upcoming smartphone will emphasize aluminum over the iPhone 4’s glass casing, and possibly eliminate the exterior antenna rim that has caused the company no end of headaches.

The iPhone 5 will also reportedly include Apple’s A5 processor, just unveiled in conjunction with the iPad 2. Backing the smartphone with aluminum instead of glass, in theory, will help prevent the scratches that cause a certain subset of iPhone users to burst into tears of unimaginable grief.

The elimination of the current iPhone’s exterior antenna rim could slam the final coffin-nail into an issue that’s plagued Apple since last summer, when iPhone 4 owners reported that gripping the smartphone in a certain way, with their bare hand, resulted in radical signal dampening. Those “death grip” reports sprung back to life with this year’s release of the Verizon iPhone. A bumper or slipcase around the iPhone 4’s antenna rim will solve the issue, at the cost of the device’s minimalist aesthetics.

It would be silly for Apple to not breathe some fresh life into the design of the iPhone 5, with four previous models already on the market that don’t look all that much different, we’re expecting some subtle as well as noticeable design changes.

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