Apple iPhone 5 Sent out to UK Mobile Networks

Appleā€™s iPhone 5 is the phone that is rumoured to be being released over the next couple of months by Apple and now, there is word that Apple has actually sent prototypes of the phone to UK network operators in order to allow them to have hands on testing with the phone before it hits their shelves. According to the sources, network operators already have the iPhone 5 devices in their labs and the testing of the phones has already begun.

There were previous rumours that this would be the case in the US but according the UK newspaper; the Guardian, many UK mobile networks have received the phones for testing. Apparently, Apple has made sure that the security with the phone was top notch and actually sent them out in a sealed box as well as inside a dummy case so that no photos of the iPhone 5 were leaked online.

Rumours regarding the release date of the phone have begun to go even further with many speculating exact release dates for the phone instead of general time periods. It is still unknown however whether it will be released in September or October.

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