Apple orders 10 million iPhone 5′s for September

Apple has ordered 10 million units of the iPhone 5 for September, a report claims, suggesting that the handset could be here next month after all.

In recent weeks, supply chain sources have indicated that the fifth-generation Apple smartphone, which was originally expected to drop way back in June and was then widely expected in September, isn’t in fact landing until October.

Not so, today’s report posits. According to unnamed tech deepthroats cited by Digtimes, Apple has placed a whopping 10 million-handsets order with Chinese manufacturing partner Pegatron, the first of which will start to ship in September.

iPhone 5 placeholder

Why the phone didn’t appear in June in keeping with Apple’s long-established annual refresh program isn’t yet known. But the smart money is on Apple taking extra steps to test the handset in the wake of last year’s iPhone 4 antennagate debacle.

Even less is known about kind of handset we’ll get this time. That’s not halted the rumour mill, though, with mooted specs including an eight megapixel snapper, NFC support, a larger display and even 3D smarts.

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