Apple to Make iPhone 5 and iPad 3 Fingerprint-Proof

Apple has applied for a new patent according to which a new method is to be adopted for Apple’s touch devices, aiming to make their screens more resistant to oil, smudges and fingerprints. According to Patently Apple, Apple is concerned about making their devices fingerprint resistant, for which an obvious method is to coat the touch screen with an oleophobic material. But this method could be expensive and difficult to achieve. To tackle this problem, and most probably make the touch screens more smudge resistant than all its rivals’, Apple has devised its own method of applying the oleophobic material that is done during the manufacturing of the screen.

According to the latest Apple patent, the oleophobic material could be added to a liquid in one or two concentrations during the manufacture of iOS device components. In the vaporizing unit, the liquid could be vaporized leaving behind the oleophobic material deposited on the component.

As Patently Apple notes this might not be a patent for a current process and might actually be adopted for future iOS devices. As the patent was registered in February 2011, Apple’s next iPhone and iPad generation might actually contain the touch screens manufactured by this process. If that’s true, we can expect iPhone 5 and iPad 3 to be fingerprint-proof unlike iPhone 4 and iPad 2 which are very generous at gaining the smudges and annoying us to no end.

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