Foxconn Producing 150,000 iPhone 5′s Per Day

150K iPhone 5 units per day, 5-6 million expected th?? September. Th??? figures ?r? ???? t? b? wh?t OEM maker Foxconn ?? churning out, according t? industry sources.

Th? report ???? stated th?t Apple m?? b? ready f?r a mass shipment ?f th? iPhone 5. Th? Taiwanese website,, reported th? 150K per day figure, ?? well ?? ?n expected 5-6 million units produced b? th?? September ?n? top 22 million ?? w? go ?nt? th? fourth quarter.

According t? Digitimes, “Lens maker Largan Precision, touch panel maker TPK Holding, reinforced glass supplier G-Tech Optoelectronics ?n? battery vendors Simplo ?n? Dynapack ?r? ??? operating ?t full swing currently, th? sources indicated.”

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