Foxconn Reports: iPhone 5 Release Date Coming Summer 2012 with Teardrop Design

iPhone 5 Teardrop Concept

iPhone 5 Teardrop Concept

According to the latest string of reports doing their usual rounds on the web, Apple is gearing up for an official iPhone 5 release date no later than the summer of this year.

This particular stirring is said to have originated from deep within Foxconn, stating that the rumored fall release date is in fact an all too pessimistic estimate and we should instead be readying ourselves for an earlier arrival.

Along with the rather pleasing insights into a possible early release date, the understandably unnamed source has also offered forth his or her privileged ‘insights’ into what we can expect to see from the elusive device.

In a similar vain to multiple other suggestions doing the rounds over the past few months, talk of the Foxconn town remains with a potentially beefed-up 4 inch screen, which has been backed by others suggesting that LG has been involved in the massive for quite some time now.

Stirrings also seem to be gathering strength regarding a new ‘teardrop’ design for the iPhone 5, which may in fact mark the biggest move away from its predecessors in a fashion even the most incredible internal specs could never bring.

Needless to say, a larger screen and new shape alone would trigger the biggest rush for upgrades the Smartphone world has ever seen, as we all know how terrified certain devotees are from being left behind…

In other news of an Apple persuasion, a number of technology sites are once again all-consumed by talk of the iPad 3, which is set to launch as early as March with a potential unveiling next month.

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