iPhone 4 design flaw could lead to ‘Glassgate’

According to sources inside and outside of Apple, Apple has apparently discovered another fault with the iPhone 4, this one having to do with cases that are not of the official bumper or snap on variety. Instead, the issue pertains to slide on iPhone 4 cases which are scratching the back of the device when slid on and off. Of course, scratches aren’t that big of a deal but when they lead to cracking and shattering they are and that is what is going on with the iPhone 4.

Sounds like trouble.

Apple’s reaction to this discovery was to quietly pull third party cases down from their store, a move some of you out there might have noticed and thought nothing of. They have since put non-sliding third party cases back online but according to Block, Apple’s iPhone team has “created a lab and large new test program specifically to investigate this further.”

Apple, of course, has refused to comment but let’s hope they do soon, otherwise we could be seeing cracked cases popping up all over the place because third-party stores still have these things on sale.On another note, it’s safe to assume that Apple is not going to include a glass back on the upcoming iPhone 5 which is said to be development and to have a different form factor than the iPhone 4.

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