iPhone 5 comes with built-in 1080p projector?

Surprise, surprise, Apple fans might as well getting themselves a built-in projector inside the next generation iPhone which the media touted it as iPhone 5.

The idea of incorporating projector in the iPhone 5 comes after Apple was granted a patent application by the US Patent & Trademark Office on August 11th. The plans are to integrate mini or pico-like projectors into future iOS devices possibly iPhone, and iPad while debuting a likely projector accessory for MacBooks.

Our source for this report, Patently Apple has said, “The level of detail associated with this patent would suggest that Apple’s development teams are moving full steam ahead on the projection system project“.

That’s not all, if you think that this is some joke, then you need to know that just last week, Apple-related site, MacRumors has learned that Apple had bought the Applepico.com domain name.

In addition to that, DigiTimes has something they want to say about “sources from pico projector makers pointed out that the related R&D is still not mature and demand from consumers has yet to appear, so smartphone-use pico projector modules are unlikely to start mass shipping until after 2012.”

Nonetheless, it is always interesting to see some implementation of the projectors on Apple’s iOS devices, even if it’s not on iPhone 5. We just hope that it would happen though.

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