iPhone 5 delay disappointing Apple fans: Sprint, T-Mobile to get this time

With Apple iPhone 5 is slated to come out this fall, U.S. carriers are busy working to get ready their dish to serve up the possible hungry iPhone 5 costumers.

Every carrier including T-Mobile and Sprint, which currently have no deals with Apple, is working to develop their network performances so at to receive iPhone 5, the fifth version of world’s most popular smartphone.

Verizon Wireless and AT&T, the current Apple iPhone partners, are really in a tussle for dominance. The carriers are in large efforts to make their networks better than the other.

Verizon has so far become the country’s best 4G network provider. Meanwhile, AT&T, the cursed carrier by iPhone users for its slow performance, is trying hard to equip its network with some advanced capabilities.

T-Mobile, which is expected to finish its merger with AT&T in one or two years, hopes to sign a deal with Apple for its iPhone until then. After the merger, of course, AT&T iPhone will that of T-Mobile’s too. Until now, T-Mobile has not been selling iPhone. So it is not sure how its customers will respond to the arrival of an iPhone.

Sprint Nextel, which is expected to turn the smallest national carrier after the featured AT&T and T-Mobile merger, has already started talks with Apple executives for an iPhone deal.

Apple, in the meantime, reportedly has plans to launch its next iPhone on all major carriers in the U.S. in battle against Samsung that has a strategy of introducing various models of its products on all carriers. Apple can only compete with the South Korean company launching its iPhone on all carriers.

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