iPhone 5 dropping Sept 12th, network source suggests

The iPhone 5 will launch on September 12th, signs from one of Europe’s largest network operators suggest.

According to an insider from Telefonica cited by Engadget, the carrier will begin cutting back its stock of current-gen Apple smartphones from August 22nd.

The network will purportedly continue to run down its holding until September 12th, prompting speculation that this, rather than the oft-mooted dates 5th and 7th of the month, will mark the handset’s official launch.

As any fule kno, Apple was originally expected to unveil its fifth tilt at a smartphone way back in June in keeping with its regular, annual product refresh cycle.

However, for reasons that have yet to become clear, the Cupertino-based tech giant opted to postpone the handset’s release indefinitely.

Not surprisingly, that’s set the rumour mill churning more than ever. Insiders have claimed the move was motivated by everything from component shortages caused by the Japanese earthquake disaster to a lengthier testing period to avoid a repeat of last year’s antennagate fiasco.

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