iPhone 5 For Sprint Deal Already Signed With Apple

According to an article over on Phone Arena, a Bloomberg report has it that the iPhone 5 for Sprint has been confirmed as Sprint has already signed with Apple to offer the next generation iOS smartphone in October.

Apparently this bit of news is quite causally mentioned in an article that goes on about the AT&T T-mobile acquisition merger and gives the reaction of Sprint to the proposed acquisition, and in that article it states…

“Sprint recently signed a deal to offer the iPhone 5, which is due in October. AT&T and Verizon already sell the popular phone.”

So there it is, unless someone has said the wrong thing it looks fairly clear that Sprint, albeit trying to put the rumours down by telling their employees to respond with the standard “no comment” line if customer inquire about the iPhone 5, has already come to a deal with Apple and will definitely be offering the iPhone 5 once it is release.

Of course it is possibly, however unlikely that whoever wrote the article may have got it wrong, and I figure Sprint or Apple hasn’t confirmed the done deal, but then neither have they come out and denied it either, so for now one can reasonably assume the article is true and Sprint will offer the iPhone 5.

So does this little bit of iPhone 5 news make the Sprint faithful happy, of course it does I’m sure, although it is popular belief that Sprint will get the iPhone 5 and the cheaper iPhone at some point

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