iPhone 5 Material Production Started by Suppliers

According to the industry sources, the Taiwan based companies have started developing the materials for iPhone 5 and iPad 3, that are expected to make their debuts in September and will be in the markets for sale in October.

Dynapack International Technology, which is responsible for manufacturing batteries; TPK Holding and Wintek, in charge of touch panel modules; Catcher, in charge of chassis; these are the manufacturers including many others will be benefited from this order.

Now-at this moment, 65% of Apple’s total battery demand is being provided by Simply, while Dynapack is responsible for providing the other 35% of battery demand.

Highlighted by the sources, Apple is planning to launch just one model of the new iPhone, whereas iPad 3 has been included to the production, both sets are to be produced in small volumes by August, later the volume will start increasing in September and October.

In the third quarter, it is estimated that the iPhone5’s supply will be 6-7 million units and with the inclusion of iPhone 4 shipments, in the quarter will be around 24-25 million units, and their volumes in the fourth quarter will remain to the same level. As per expectations, Apple will be shipping more than 85 million iPhones.

As Apple is also prepared to begin the supply of iPad 3 in August, iPad series, and iPad 2 shipments will hopefully go above 15 million units, and iPad’s 2011 supply volume will be having a beneficial chance to pull through and break 40 million units.

According to some watch dogs in the markets, Apple’s iPhone supply will be near 20 million units and not more in the third quarter, and iPad’s supply volume will be able to reach 11-12 million units only because of the slow paced attitude at the Foxconn’s assembly line in Chengdu, China, players within the premises of Apple’s upstream supply chain just recently increased their guessed supply volume for the second half. This shows that Apple is all set to arrive with another storm of new devices, prior to its competitors become strong. Apple is focusing to design an even thinner and lighter tablet PC with a panel resolution increasing upto 250dpi.

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