iPhone 5 rumors sizzle down with announcement of CDMA upgrade

While the shift from the iPhone 2G to 3G was enough to warrant a significant generation milestone for Apple, the inclusion of CDMA technology in the iPhone 4’s will simply be considered an upgraded version (something like a 4.1 as opposed to a 5). In any case, it appears that the initial rumors are indeed true and the folks at Cupertino are indeed working on a new device –only it is not the iPhone 5.

The past couple of days have been flush full of rumors about a new Apple handset in the works. While the base story is true, it appears that the actual device is an upgrade of the previous phone.

With this latest update, we can be pretty certain about two things. First, the new Apple device will be sporting CDMA capabilities; this means that the handset could be used in even more locations –especially in places where HSDPA is not available. Second, it is likely (though not entirely confirmed) that the new version would have the same antenna issues as the original.

For those unfamiliar with the antenna issues on the iPhone 4, here’s a quick summary. The device’s antenna is a thin strip on the side of the handset and there is a small gap in the phone’s lower left corner that exposes a very sensitive part of the antenna. This part is so sensitive that when it comes into contact with human skin, all antenna signal is lost.

This problem caused major issues to iPhone 4 users as the part was often touched when the phone is being used in the left hand to make calls. What this meant was that most of the iPhone 4’s users suffered from dropped calls due to the sudden lack of signal.

So far, no official date has been given for the next iPhone’s launch, but many believe that the handset will be available early in 2011.

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