iPhone 5 to feature glass back, iPad 3 to sport new case

Citing a “repeatedly reliable source,” iLounge details the idea of a new Smart Cover-inspired case for the iPad 3 and a glass back for the iPhone 5.

According to the insider, Apple has designed a Smart Cover for protecting the rear of the iPad in addition to its glass surface.

Thus, the case, which is said to be similar to Incase’s Magazine Jacket, is rumored to be made from a magnetized front cover, protective fiberglass and PU/bicast leather at the rear.

The site mentioned that it is still uncertain if the case will be exclusively designed for the iPad 3, which is said to be thicker, or include backwards compatibility for the second-gen iPad.

The new tablet, which is expected to feature a new screen, an improved camera and a more powerful processor, is likely to be presented on March 7 in San Francisco as the company has send out invitations to journalists last week.

The invites sport a photo of what looks like an iPad touchscreen and reads: “We have something you really have to see. And touch.”

Another rumor coming from sources cited iLounge is that Apple is reportedly working on new materials for the iPhone 5, including glass and ceramic rear shells.

Thanks to the incorporation of Corning’s thinner Gorilla Glass, the iPhone 5 could become even thinner.

Recently, Apple acknowledged that the Gorilla Glass maker is among the manufacturers for the future iPhone.

In addition, the site reports that the smartphone is likely to be equipped with a smaller USB connector and a larger screen.

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