iPhone 5 to have total redesign but may be delayed

iPhone 5 case design

iPhone 5 case design

The iPhone 5 rumor mill is really cranking into gear the last couple of weeks and today is no exception. We now have news that the iPhone 5 is to have a total redesign but may be delayed. The handset is reportedly set to have an eight megapixel camera with the A5 processor, which is speculation that is nothing new but other information could be.

An article over on The New York Times is reporting that the new iPhone 5 is going to be quite a bit different from the current model. According to a source that is claiming to be an Apple employee, the iPhone 5 is allegedly going to have a larger screen with a thinner more rounded body and bigger home button.

The inside of the iPhone 5 may be different as well in terms of NFC technology that could be coming. Sources are claiming that the technology will either be on the iPhone 5 or iPhone 6, but it is coming sometime soon. Apple has already claimed that 200 million users have credit card information stored on its iTunes service.

But according to 9To5 Mac it is thought there have been production delays on at least one of the company’s production lines. This may mean the handset seeing slight delay’s with a shortage of the device into next year. It is again being claimed that Apple are going to release a slightly different version of the iPhone 4.

This other handset is thought to be hitting high numbers off the assembly line. Ten million of the iPhone 4 lookalikes will be ready for launch and will come with prepaid and post paid deals, and will be competitively priced and widely available. If there is a shortage of the iPhone 5 it will be frustrating for those who have to wait slightly longer for it.

We have reported before the iPhone 5 will have a different design following some cases that were leaked. It is also not the first time there has been talk of a cheaper iPhone 4 being made available, which will be a good move by the company as it takes on mid-range Android devices. Hopefully there will be no delay in getting big numbers of the new device out to consumers as there are plenty waiting for it.

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