Rumour – iPhone 5 to feature quad-core processor, more RAM

iPhone 5 Curved Glass

iPhone 5 Curved Glass

According to sources the iPad 3 will not be using the quad-core A6 system-on-a-chip (S0C), but the A5X which is a dual-core SoC.

Apparently Apple won’t be launching the A6 any sooner and want to wait for the release of the iPhone 5 before introducing the chip.

The new A5 will feature improved graphics and more RAM than the previous model, while the iPad 3 will sport the much-anticipated 2048×1526 Retina Display. In addition to this, it will support 4G LTE, with different versions for Verizon and AT&T.

Rumors of a new Apple TV model were confirmed, and the device is expected to have 1080p capabilities and will work in conjunction with iPads, iPhones and devices that run Mountain Lion, to offer streaming / mirroring functionality.

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