Samsung wants iPhone 5 sales in Europe deemed illegal

Ever since Apple launched its iPhone, it’s been an open secret that Samsung makes many of the components inside it – in fact Samsung’s CEO has admitted, ‘Apple is our biggest customer.’

But ever since Samsung launched its own Galaxy series of phones and tablets – high-powered touchscreens whose flagship, the Galaxy S II, currently outpaces iPhone on the processing front – legal war has erupted between the companies in nine countries.

This week, a Samsung source revealed Samsung was considering legal action to ban Apple’s upcoming iPhone 5 in Europe – after an executive admitted a similar move in Samsung’s native Korea was planned.

A Samsung executive told the Korea Times this week, ‘When the iPhone 5 arrives here, Samsung plans to take Apple to court here for its violation of Samsung’s wireless technology related patents.’

This is in response to Apple’s continued legal action against Samsung’s Galaxy family of touchscreen tablets and smartphones – some of which are currently illegal in Europe, thanks to Apple lawsuits claiming they are ‘slavish’ copies of iPhone and iPad.

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