Steve Jobs Left Plans for iPhone 5, Future iPads, MacBooks & Other Devices

Steve Jobs may have left a legacy in today’s society with the devices and technologies that Apple has created. But even after his own death, Jobs will continue to amaze Apple fans and consumers with new products that are yet to launch.

Steve Jobs’ “one more thing” may be still in the works. Even as the former Apple CEO passed away a mere day after the company announced the iPhone 4S, it doesn’t end there. Daily Mail reports that Steve Jobs left a supposedly secret legacy: blueprints for four years’ or four generations’ worth of new products that are designed to safeguard the company’s future in the smartphone, tablet and personal computer market.

Said blueprints reportedly include updated versions of the iPhone, iPad, iPod and MacBooks, which Apple shall release through the next four product cycles. According to analysts, this is characteristic of Apple and Jobs, as the company doesn’t only plan quarters in advance. Rather, it takes them years to plan and refine product designs, so that they will be truly ready for the market upon launch. As such, it is speculated that the iPhone 4S will soon be overshadowed by the launch of the actual iPhone 5 by 2012.

Apart from these rumored legacies, of course, Steve Jobs left Apple (and the world) having worked on two recent efforts. One is iCloud, and another is Apple’s futuristic new campus. Having lived through the disappointing service that was MobileMe, Jobs made sure that Apple would be competitive in the emerging cloud computing industry, and was personally involved with the development and launch of iCloud. Meanwhile, he appeared before the Cupertino City Council to strongly make a push for the company’s plans for its new campus design.

With these product plans and a new physical structure representative of Apple’s design ideals, Steve Jobs is not likely to run out of his characteristic “one more thing,” at least for the next few years.

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