The iPhone 5S with LTE: An Imminent Reality

Companies and mobile industry analysts are so confident that Apple will be putting out an LTE equipped iPhone in the near future that they are predicting a Summer 2012 release date, and maybe even earlier, International Business Times reported. Jefferies Analytics has forecast that consumers can expect to see a an LTE equipped iPad this year as well.

While Apple has been tight-lipped about it, it is an open secret that the Next Generation iPhone, widely believed to be dubbed the iPhone 5, will be released in October. In fact, Deutsche Telekom AG, the operator of T Mobile networks (America’s 4th largest wireless services carrier), is already placing reservations for the smartphone.

The biggest factor hampering the increased growth of the wildly popular iPhone gadget is the fact that it is a 3G capable device in an increasingly 4G market. To this end, Apple’s biggest operating system rival, Google’s Android platform, has been making significant headway into the smartphone market. More phones now run Android than Apple’s OS. An iPhone with a speedy 4G equipped network will be a game-changer.

Furthermore, with the recent announcement that Sprint Nextel, hereto excluded from the iPhone Club, will acquire rights to iPhone service this year, a 4G iPhone can bolster LTE bastions like Verizon and AT&T. The nation’s largest and second largest carriers, respectively, utilize the expanding 4G network exclusively. Sprint, albeit attempting to make inroads into the LTE market, is still primarily a WiMAX operator.

The new4G iPhone will be called the iPhone 5S to distinguish it from this October’s iPhone 5, says Peter Misek, a Jefferies analyst. It will boast a 4 inch screen as compared the the 3.5 inch sported by the iPhone 4.

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