UK Fan Camping Outside Apple Store for iPhone 5

A 29 year old Apple fan has taken to camping outside the Covent Garden Apple store in anticipation of the launch of the iPhone 5.

Rob Shoesmith, who is a marketing executive for app developer Medl Mobile, is planning to camp outside the Apple Store in order to be one of the first to get his hands on the device, whose existence has been not yet been confirmed by Apple.

The iPad maker is expected to launch the iPhone 5 Smartphone along with the iOS 5 operating system in September or October.

Shoesmith, who calls him camping outside an Apple Store a ‘marketing and PR experiment’, has called on businesses to sponsor his stay by sending him useful items.

The marketing executive has already received a web cam from Skype and products from Domino’s Pizza, Cadbury, Mountain Dew, Kenneth Cole, Weight Watchers and Gillette.

The guy is quite optimistic about his camping ‘trip’ in central London and hopes that people will keep sponsoring his stay outside the Apple Store.

“My longest camping trip to date was a pitiful 3 days! So how on earth am I going to manage potentially weeks of inner city camping? I will need your help! I will be tweeting and blogging requests of help throughout my stay and it will be interested to see what kind of response I will get from total strangers,” he wrote on his blog.

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