Verizon Will Have The New Apple iPhone 4 and Apple iPhone 5

It seems that Verizon will have the new Apple iPhone 4 and Apple iPhone 5.I think that the new Apple iPhone 5 will be a great smartphone.With Verizon,Apple iPhone 4 will have a great succes.Verizon is currently the largest U.S. operator and this will soon be the new Apple iPhone 4 (CDMA) in its catálog.

This phone has been talked about for several months and will not take too long to announce its availability, perhaps by November or December, but coming in 2011.It is a good thing that Verizon will have the new Apple iPhone 4 and the new Apple iPhone 5.

Thanks to the Apple iPhone 4 Qualcomm chip may make use of this support CDMA technology and is implemented in EE.UUNo be until early 2011 when the country is available, when they would have enough units to meet demand.

Apple intends to break the exclusivity with AT & T and Apple iPhone power supply to operators such as Verizon or Sprint.

WSJ also said that five would arrive in June, as usual in Cupertino and the end of the mes.Verizon deployed since few months-4G LTE network, which will allow a total of 38 cores to operate on the fourth-generation network.

The new Apple iPhone 4 is a great phone and it seems that from now on Verizon will have it.

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